That is why all the memory is mounted above. As for the tested samples, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo cable the cards showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies: All new features of the Xabre are reflected in a single name Xmart which covers: For the fuller comparison characteristics of video cards of this and other classes address our 3Digest. The 64MB and MB cards are going on a par. BioShock Infinite and Metro:

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Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: They implemented the software emulation of the vertex shader, made the driver handling xare, brought in new settings for the Xabre.

But for better promotion of the SIS Xabre it must have not just a comparable, but lower price. Interestingly that in the TCL software emulation the Radeon is ahead – probably its connection with the AGP and caching are organized better.

ECS AG SiS Xabre Videocard Review –

Several video cards on this GPU were examined in our lab before. Remember that overclocking is not a standard mode, that is why you should preserve the card from early damages. And now one more new version – and the new SIS card has its scores much worse. Whether it’s going to be popular or not depends on the policy of SIS and its partners. After installation of the drivers you will see below an icon for the control functions.

Last Drivers  SYMBOL LS4278 DRIVER

On the newer driver version the performance gets strongly worse. I could assume that some optimization in the drivers of the Xabre worked bad and brought negative results remember the strange results of the matrix blending from the DX 8.

We also measure a fillrate in case of single texturing. By the xavre, let me remind you of the articles on the Xabre based products that we have already published: It uses a complex shader which deals with both type-transformation and geometrical functions. This technology has one really strong point: At last they provided us with the VSync management.

VGA Legacy MKIII – SiS Xabre

Now look at the more complex benchmark – Advanced Pixel Shader. This is exactly operation of vertex shaders. Also, you can adjust operation in 3D gradually from quality to speed.

Game2 Low Details Well, the absolute defeat of the Xabre That is why users tend to ATI and other companies. The situation is strange and inverted 6m4b well!

This is what was earlier known as Turbo Texturing which could be altered by making changes in the Registry: Among the utilities there is one delivering information on AGP: In the tests we used SiS’s drivers of ver. This time we fulfilled the tests on the latest version – 3. Well, the Xabre also had all those Xmart components including the Vertexlizer.


So, the pixel shaders are here, the vertex shaders are emulated. It would be a rather boring world if those two graphics giants were the only ones plying their trade at the lower end of AGP add-on cards. We set x because exactly in this resolution the difference between cards and different texturing modes is the most discernible: In this test the Radeon takes the lead in the optimized model, probably, at the expense of the better vertex caching; in the other cases the first position belongs to the Xabre.

Transcend Xabre 400 64MB Graphics Card Review @ TechMods

Optimized Mesh This test defines a real maximum throughput of an accelerator as far as triangles are concerned. Here are their settings: Below you will see that the Xabre is just an overclocked version of the Xabre And there are some old quality xavre in certain games. What does it mean?